Dr. Shayanna Whitaker

The Institute for Dynamic Leaders


Transforming Team Rapport


Workshop Description:  

Team members can reframe how they identify and dissolve conflict.


Dr. Shayanna Whitaker is a dynamic leader who has demonstrated innovation, change, project, and general management competencies with a highly successful track record across the fields of finance, clinical, and professional services. Dr. Whitaker has proven ability to manage diverse global groups with varying expectations to align with an organization’s mission.

In addition to 28 years of corporate work experience, Dr. Whitaker has earned a BA in Psychology, an MBA in technology management, an MBA in project management, and a doctor of management in organizational leadership. She is certified ITILv3, ScrumMaster, DiSC, and John Maxwell Leadership certified.

Dr. Whitaker’s workshops foster inclusion, transform conversations for transparency, and empower individuals to own their mindset, resulting in a dynamic team.




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