Session and Workshop Descriptions

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Opening Session and Kickoff – 9:00am to 10:30am

“This Is the Bottomline: From Merry-Go Rounds to Rocket Ships.”

Opening Session Keynote:

Gretchen C. Bellamy
Senior Director, International DEI
McDonald’s Corporation

Keynote Description:

Historically, the work of diversity, equity and inclusion professionals was seen dealing with “soft” business issues and not tackling issues that hit the bottom line of an organization. Understanding how diversity – equity – inclusion impact each function of a business, from marketing to workforce engagement to current and future customers, is imperative to ensure returns are provided to shareholders and boards as well as to ensure your business is resilient as societal and demographic shifts occur. Let’s think about how we design our organizations for the future.

Workshop 1 - 11:00am to 12:15pm

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Build Belonging at Work



Rhodes Perry
Founder / CEO
Rhodes Perry Consulting


Do you want to build a healthier workplace culture where each person on your team – including your clients – feels a greater sense of psychological safety, trust, and belonging? Do you feel overwhelmed by all that you could do to improve your workplace culture, or are you generally confused about where to start? If so, join fellow colleagues in gaining a better understanding of the powerful role you can play in taking simple, everyday actions that can help build a more inclusive organization. During this introductory workshop, you’ll discover what it truly takes to put your organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion commitments into action.


GOAL: Clarify why belonging at work matters and learn how any professional in the workplace can take personal actions to cultivate it.


OBJECTIVES: The following objectives will be met during this introductory session:


• Understand what psychologically safety, trust, and belonging at work means.
• Learn why belonging at work is essential for the future of your organization.
• Practice simple, everyday action strategies you can adapt and implement on the job.
• Commit to one personal action you can take after this learning opportunity.


• The ability to avoid the mistakes of siloing your organization’s DEI commitments.
• Improved results from learning belonging foundations of psychological safety & trust.
• Appreciation of the personal actions any person can take to enhance workplace culture.
• Expanded inclusion skills and thinking on the important issue of building belonging.
• Enhanced clarity about the personal responsibility required to build belonging.
• Knowledge of communication approaches that transcend power dynamics & differences.
• Discovery of the specific actions required to build belonging at work.


AUDIENCE: Any employee interested in building a greater sense of safety, trust, and belonging at work.

Allies And Advocates



Amber Cabral
Cabral Co.

Over the last several months as we’ve watched protests and proposed reforms take center stage in the US and around the world, so many of us have asked ourselves the question, “What can I do?”


Learn the history and context for how we arrived at protests and brave discussions in our workplaces about oppression and racism. We will walk through the basics on how to be an ally and an advocate and share tips and language for navigating interactions respectfully and responsibly.

Why is Disability Often Left Out of DEI? How to Address the Barriers and Create Real Inclusion



Catarina Rivera
Public Speaker and DEI Consultant
Blindish Latina

Why is Disability Often Left Out of DEI? How to Address the Barriers and Create Real Inclusion


Disability is part of diversity too. Worldwide, over 15% of people are disabled. Disability intersects with all other diversity dimensions. So why is it often left out of DEI initiatives? What can we do to change this and create real commitment to disability inclusion?


Join this session to hear the main reasons disability gets left behind and learn concrete strategies for addressing these barriers. This session will also discuss why disability inclusion is important for workplaces and share key best practices for executive leaders, HR leaders, and middle managers.


If you’re wondering why we even need to focus on disability, this session will address that. If you care about retaining employees, driving innovation, and designing better products- guess what? Disability inclusion has all of those benefits.Designing workplaces inclusive for disability will actually benefit all employees, not just disabled ones.

Power Of Interracial Sisterhood



Karen Fleshman, Esq.
Racy Conversations


What the world needs now is interracial sisterhood: women uniting across difference as equals and struggling together for the freedom and safety of all women.


While all women continue to fight for parity, white women have tremendous power and privilege in our society. Especially now, it’s crucial to raise white women’s awareness of their role in US history and the practices they can adopt today to earn the trust of women of color and help create workplaces and communities where everyone can thrive.

Luncheon Fireside Chat – 12:30pm to 1:45pm

Fireside Chat – A Better Man Movement – Men as Allies



Ray Arata
Better Man Movement



Robert Haddow Beaven
Better Man Movement



Jason Gant
Kaiser Permanente
Global Athletic & Behavioral Health Consultant



Dr. Nika White
Nika White Consulting


The Better Man Movement provides resources, support, and community to encourage the involvement of men in creating an inclusive culture. Through our workshops, training, and events, our programming shifts organizations from managing diversity as a necessity to leveraging differences for allyship, connection, and collaboration. Men are often not comfortable or confident in how to contribute to inclusion efforts. Division, uncertainty, and rapid changes in the conversation can contribute to hesitancy around what their role is, or fear of being canceled for saying the wrong thing. Better Man Conference events are a prime starting place for men to explore the roles they might play as allies for inclusion without shame or blame:


In this fireside chat, moderated by Dr. Nika White, Robert, Ray and Jason will amplify the need for men to serve as allies. Topics to be covered include:


* Understanding the value of healthy masculinity and inclusive leadership
* Learn the language and gain confidence in context to engage in discussions
* Learn how to leverage power and position to elevate people who are too often underrepresented and underestimated

Workshop 2- 2:00pm to 3:15pm

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Cultural Mastery: How to Thrive – and Survive – in Today’s Culturally Complex World



Ricardo Gonzalez
Cultural Communications Expert
Bilingual America


In this session, you will learn how to authentically connect, create and collaborate with people of diverse cultures. First, you will learn the true meaning of culture and how to apply this understanding for optimal results and relationships in life and business. Then, you will be taken through The Six Stages of Cultural Mastery which will provide you with the framework to properly connect, create, and collaborate with people different from yourself. The first two Stages of education and engagement are connecting Stages, Stages Three and Four are empathy and excitement and are the key to creativity, and then in Stages Five and Six, you will learn how empowerment and endearment create the highest levels of collaboration. You will also learn in which Stages leaders become naturally inclusive and just, and which Stage is directly tied to our ability to create cultures to which people want to belong.

Internal Partnerships That Drive I&D Success



Shalynne Jackson
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
City Of Oklahoma City

Strong interdepartmental relationships are critical to the success of an organizations’ inclusion and diversity (I&D) strategy.


In this workshop, we will identify important internal partners, examine the unique role each partner plays, and explore best practices in strengthening these relationships.

Ensuring Black Equity At Work: Enacting Change In Corporate America


Indy Adenaw
Managing Director
Management Leadership For Tomorrow’s Black Equity At Work Program


Join us for a session covering the changes sweeping through corporate America and the solutions that are coming into focus.

The State of Diversity Recruiting



Jenn Tardy
Jennifer Tardy Consulting


In this workshop, participants will learn where bias hides within common policies, practices, and behaviors, how it leads to underrepresentation, and actions leaders must start doing and stop doing to move the dial in increasing diversity. A portion of the workshop includes Q+A.

Closing Keynote - 3:30pm to 5:00pm

A Special Visual Presentation Of The 2021 Summit


Keynote Speaker:

Jaclyn Gilstrap
A Visual Approach


Jaclyn Gilstrap will be participating throughout the day of the DEI Summit to facilitate “graphic recording.” Graphic recording is essentially visual note taking that happens live and unfolds as an event or conference plays out; think of it like simultaneous interpretation except instead of translating one spoken language to another, she’s translating a spoken language into one filled with visual images and colors.


Visual facilitation is a way to capture essential content during meetings and sessions and talk through the use of hand-drawn words and imagery. Visual facilitation supports greater participant engagement, planning and understanding of complex content through this real-time synthesis of information. Participants can see the conversation taking shape!


Graphic facilitators shine a light on the insights of any group. Because graphic recording and facilitation make it easy for participants to engage with big ideas, see connections, and make decisions more quickly, they can leave the conversation ready to act and collaborate.


At the end of the day, Jaclyn will close out as our keynote speaker to facilitate a big reveal of a couple different art pieces that will help document the keynote talks in a memorable way. She’ll help us reflect on the day and think about how we’re each going to go from here and put diversity, equity, and inclusion into action. Further, Jaclyn will share how the practice of visual facilitation is rooted in indigenous culture and through the asynchronous learning helps enhance deep listening and accommodates for different learning styles and abilities.


Be sure to stick around for the final session so you can see the original artwork custom created for this event.