Dr. Roger Callanan

Assistant Vice Provost Emeritus / Division of Academic and Student Affairs
NC State University


Building Inclusive Leadership Skills Utilizing NCBI Methodology and Principles


Workshop Description:  

NCBI, The National Coalition Building Institute, is an international, non-profit, leadership training organization based in Silver Spring, MD (Washington, DC) USA. Since 1984, NCBI has worked to eliminate racism and all other forms of prejudice and discrimination through work with affiliates in places around the world. Over the past 35 years, NCBI has developed an international network of resource teams that has grown in influence and reach. NCBI currently is represented by teams in cities, on campuses, and in organizations.

Companies, organizations, and institutions need to be sensitive to creating environments that welcome individuals and groups which are of different ethnic backgrounds, ages, religions, sexual orientation, abilities, etc. Whenever we make the error of not including a person or group, we do not just cut ourselves off from others, but we weaken the fabric of the system.

In this interactive and experiential session, leaders will begin to explore the following:

• The many similarities and differences that exist among its members by acknowledging and respecting them
• How their social identity groups impact their leadership
• The importance of listening as an inclusive leadership skill and the opportunity to practice it
• The many ways people have experienced discrimination/oppressions and begin to learn how to stop this discrimination and be more effective allies

Join us for a taste of this unique Leadership for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion model. You will leave empowered to take leadership, with skills to authentically welcome diversity and nurture an environment in which everyone wants to belong.


Dr. Roger Callanan is the Assistant Vice Provost Emeritus in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, and Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Counselor Education at NC State University. Roger has facilitated diversity programming through the National Coalition Building Institute, Study Circles on Race and Ethnicity, and Courageous Conversations for almost 20 years. Additionally, he has worked in a variety of counseling, advising, teaching, and administrative roles, serving students, faculty, staff and community on issues of social justice. For 10 years Roger served as a staff advisor on Alternative Service Break adventures focused on poverty, religious traditions, education, and respect for diverse cultures. Roger served as NC State’s first Student Ombuds, a resource to assist individuals in moving toward their goals as they learn to navigate personal, interpersonal, and institutional obstacles more effectively.




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October 20, 2021