Rhodes Perry

Founder / CEO
Rhodes Perry Consulting


Build Belonging at Work


Workshop Description:  

Do you want to build a healthier workplace culture where each person on your team – including your clients – feels a greater sense of psychological safety, trust, and belonging? Do you feel overwhelmed by all that you could do to improve your workplace culture, or are you generally confused about where to start? If so, join fellow colleagues in gaining a better understanding of the powerful role you can play in taking simple, everyday actions that can help build a more inclusive organization. During this introductory workshop, you’ll discover what it truly takes to put your organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion commitments into action.


GOAL: Clarify why belonging at work matters and learn how any professional in the workplace can take personal actions to cultivate it.


OBJECTIVES: The following objectives will be met during this introductory session:


• Understand what psychologically safety, trust, and belonging at work means.
• Learn why belonging at work is essential for the future of your organization.
• Practice simple, everyday action strategies you can adapt and implement on the job.
• Commit to one personal action you can take after this learning opportunity.



• The ability to avoid the mistakes of siloing your organization’s DEI commitments.
• Improved results from learning belonging foundations of psychological safety & trust.
• Appreciation of the personal actions any person can take to enhance workplace culture.
• Expanded inclusion skills and thinking on the important issue of building belonging.
• Enhanced clarity about the personal responsibility required to build belonging.
• Knowledge of communication approaches that transcend power dynamics & differences.
• Discovery of the specific actions required to build belonging at work.


AUDIENCE: Any employee interested in building a greater sense of safety, trust, and belonging at work.

Rhodes’ Bio:  

Rhodes believes in the power of authenticity at work. He loves putting this belief into practice by helping leaders – and those on their way to joining them – build belonging at work.


With two decades of change management experience, Rhodes helps leaders from broad range of sectors including government agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporations advance their diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments by building psychological safety, trust and belonging in their organizations.