4:00pm to 5:00pm

For this year’s virtual Summit networking, multiple chat rooms will be open covering an array of topics for participants to engage in.

This virtual networking opportunity gives attendees a way to reflect on Summit themes, session topics, ways they are feeling called to action, and learn with and from each other through smaller communities. The moderators will use the conversation starter questions listed below as a guide to engage those in their respective session.


Jil Littlejohn Bostick

Director of Inclusion & Diversity
Hubbell Incorporated

Marchele Garrett

Director of Diversity
and Language Services

Spartanburg Regional
Healthcare System

Ricaye Harris

Director, Diversity & Inclusion
Milliken Human Resources

Ken Peterson

Sr. HR Director & Chief Diversity Officer

Anna Viola-Goodman

Chief of Staff
Nika White Consulting


  1. Which workshop stood out the most to you and why?
  2. What were some “AHA moments” from morning keynote?
  3. What were some “AHA moments” from the noon keynote?
  4. What were some “AHA moments” from the closing keynote?
  5. How will you apply what you learned today?
  6. What strategies do you exercise to grow as an inclusion-minded leader?
  7. What were your expectations of today’s virtual Summit? Were those expectations met?
  8. What will you do differently having been exposed to the information presented today?
  9. What are some other relevant topics concerning diversity, equity and inclusion you would have liked to have been incorporated into?
  10. What inspired you to participate in today’s virtual Summit?
  11. If you were to develop a diversity program/initiative/practice related to today’s topics, what would it be?
  12. What are some unique inclusion challenges or opportunities for your industry/organization?
  13. How do you plan to take the virtual Summit’s topics back to your own organization?