Michael Baran

Senior Partner
inQUEST Consulting


Build Inclusive Cultures by Speaking Up about Microagressions


Workshop Description:  

Have you experienced feelings of exclusion when people try to bond with you or compliment you or ask questions about your life? Have you worried that you’ve said something offensive in the workplace but didn’t quite know why? Have you wanted to take a stand about something someone said but didn’t know what you would say? You are not alone! Leaders, managers, and employees often commit microaggressions in their efforts to bond, to be funny, to show familiarity, to to show curiosity. The microaggressions then make people with marginalized identities feel excluded (not valued, welcomed, respected), and workplace culture suffers. But the term “microaggressions” itself can be offputting to everyone. Those committing the microaggression get defensive (“I wasn’t being aggressive!). Those who were affected feel minimized (It’s just “micro” so what’s the big deal). This session will provide a way forward a new term, deeper understanding, and more productive way for addressing these “subtle acts of exclusion” (based on the new book by Dr. Tiffany Jana and Dr. Michael Baran)


Michael is the c0-author of the recently released book, Subtle Acts of Exclusion. He inspires individuals and supports organizations as they create and sustain culture change.


As a social scientist and Senior Partner & Digital Solutions Lead at inQUEST Consulting, Michael brings innovation and deep understanding to wide audiences, helping them think, lead, and interact inclusively. In addition to his consulting, Michael has taught at Harvard University and worked as a Principal Researcher at the American Institutes for Research.




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