Liesel Mertes

Workplace Empathy Consultant
Handle with Care Consulting


Handle With Care: How to Create a Culture of Support and Empathy at Work


Workshop Description:  

Many of us feel overwhelmed and under-equipped when a co-worker goes through a disruptive life event. When an employee receives news of a death, a divorce, or a diagnosis, they need meaningful support. However, most co-workers and managers have little idea of what to do or say. Instead of offering impactful and relevant support, many default to silence or toss out a tired cliché. Social support erodes and affected men and women find themselves feeling very alone. Coworkers turn the other way, avoiding uncomfortable situations. The stress and feelings of isolation mount, negatively affecting the work environment.

A 2019 report on workplace empathy showed that 82% of employees would consider leaving their work for a more empathetic employer. 78% reported that they would work longer hours for a more empathetic employer. How your organization supports people in the midst of hard times matters; it drives retention, helps to attract talent, alters brain chemistry, and lets people know that you truly care.

What if you could feel empowered to competently care for those around you at work? What is people felt like they could bring their whole self to work? In this interactive and inspirational session, workplace empathy expert Liesel Mertes will equip your staff to be workplace first responders, offering empathy, inclusion and compassion when it matters most.

In this session, attendees will learn:
• What is empathy and why does it matter?
• What is the real cost of isolating someone in their pain (let’s talk dollars!)
• Identify common personal and organizational roadblocks to compassion
• The magic words that always communicate support
• Three things you should never say to an employee experiencing a disruptive event
• Creating cadences of care: actionable tips to transform your workplace now




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