Kay Fabella

Inclusion In Progress


Navigating A Distributed Workforce


Workshop Description:  

During the pandemic, remote work went from a “nice to have” perk to a “must have” for current and future talent. But even though many of us no longer prefer to work in the office, what effect will that have on our teams’ and to our company cultures as a whole? And how can we center equity and inclusion for our remote team members?


In this workshop, DEI Consultant & Remote Team Expert, Kay Fabella, will guide participants through how to adapt company cultures for a distributed working environment, how to redesign communication channels and talent strategies with equity in mind, as well as highlight best practices for remote management from her experiences running a DEI consultancy as an expat living abroad since 2010.


As a Forbes-featured DEI Consultant & Remote Team Strategist, Kay Fabella has worked with companies like the IMF, Philips, Red Hat, and PepsiCo, to improve inclusive communication between diverse team members, to retain top talent and reduce turnover, and to build a culture of belonging to prepare companies for the future of work.


A Filipina American in Spain since 2010, Kay draws from her lived experiences as a “multihyphenate” woman of color, a daughter of immigrants, and an immigrant herself to build bridges for belonging.


She believes that more inclusive workplace cultures start with psychological safety to share non-linear stories — to embed empathy, expand worldviews, and increase employee engagement and innovation.


While she finalizes her first book on DEI, you can listen to her industry insights and interviews on her 5-star podcast: Inclusion in Progress.