Jaclyn Gilstrap


A Visual Approach


A Special Visual Presentation Of The 2021 Summit


Workshop Description:  

Jaclyn Gilstrap will be participating throughout the day of the DEI Summit to facilitate “graphic recording.” Graphic recording is essentially visual note taking that happens live and unfolds as an event or conference plays out; think of it like simultaneous interpretation except instead of translating one spoken language to another, she’s translating a spoken language into one filled with visual images and colors.


Visual facilitation is a way to capture essential content during meetings and sessions and talk through the use of hand-drawn words and imagery. Visual facilitation supports greater participant engagement, planning and understanding of complex content through this real-time synthesis of information. Participants can see the conversation taking shape!


Graphic facilitators shine a light on the insights of any group.  Because graphic recording and facilitation make it easy for participants to engage with big ideas, see connections, and make decisions more quickly, they can leave the conversation ready to act and collaborate.


At the end of the day, Jaclyn will close out as our keynote speaker to facilitate a big reveal of a couple different art pieces that will help document the keynote talks in a memorable way. She’ll help us reflect on the day and think about how we’re each going to go from here and put diversity, equity, and inclusion into action. Further, Jaclyn will share how the practice of visual facilitation is rooted in indigenous culture and through the asynchronous learning helps enhance deep listening and accommodates for different learning styles and abilities.


Be sure to stick around for the final session so you can see the original artwork custom created for this event.

Jaclyn’s Bio:  

Jaclyn Gilstrap (she/her) is a community connector, group facilitator, birth doula, and artist whose work is rooted in deep listening. Her background is in global reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, rape crisis support, ethical global engagement, and racial equity. She speaks Spanish, English and Azerbaijani, is a UNC Chapel Hill alum, and is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Azerbaijan 2010). Jaclyn and her cat live in North Carolina with their beloved community and medium successful garden.


Jaclyn serves as Co-Director of A Visual Approach a woman-founded firm specializing in graphic recording, group facilitation, and strategic illustration. The firm collaborates with clients to draw out ideas and make them shine. Whether you’re generating new ideas, developing a vision, strategizing, or sharing solutions, skillful facilitation and visual tools will ease the way, making it easier to engage with big ideas, see connections, and make decisions.
The team at A Visual Approach brings more than twenty-five years of leading, working within, and collaborating with organizations locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. We work within diverse fields including higher education, financial services, public health, racial equity, housing & food insecurity, rural community development, beloved/next economy, healthcare, education equity, philanthropy, and reproductive justice.


A Visual Approach is co-directed by Hope Tyson and Jaclyn Gilstrap and based in Durham, North Carolina. To learn more, visit www.avisualapproach.com