Doug Harris

The Kaleidoscope Group


Bringing Your Best “I” to the Inclusive Table- The “Love Principle”


Workshop Description:  

Sometimes Inclusivity is discussed as a means to create a strategy in order to “check a box”. You will learn from Global Transformation Leader Doug Harris that true inclusivity must come from a much deeper place. Mr. Harris will take you on a journey of transformation that will leave you understanding how you, as a Leader, have an internal tool that when utilized properly can serve as a source of empowerment to others and create lasting impact.

About Doug:

Doug Harris is the Chief Executive Officer of The Kaleidoscope Group with over 25 years of experience in the filed of diversity, equity & inclusion consulting.


Prior to joining Bea Young Associates in 1993, Doug worked for several years as a consultant and trainer for Harbridge House, Inc. where he facilitated diversity & inclusion education sessions with senior executives of Fortune 500 organizations.


Today, as the leader of The Kaleidoscope Group, Doug empowers organizations to achieve their diversity and inclusion goals. His knowledge and expertise guides organizations through the creation of customized strategies that address the specific diversity needs of the business. He has extensive experience working with senior executive to champion diversity and develop commitment and enthusiasm across all employee groups. His energy and passion for the work is contagious and people seldom walk away without a memorable experience.


Doug is also called the Executive Coach to assist leaders in understanding ehir role in championing diversity & inclusion. His engaging style and unique ability to give diversity meaning at all levels of the organization has made him a sought after and renowned diversity expert, presenter and faciliatator.


In keeping with his personal commitment to serve the community, Doug works actively to develop mentoring programs for students that promote education and build self-esteem. He assisted in designing diversity curriculum for the Chicago Catholic Schools and also acts as a mentor to students at Learn Charter School. He recently developed and launched The Kaleidoscope Group Youth Practice to assist under served youth in the Chicagoland and surrounding communities and is working with Tufts University to design and implement a student leadership development program.




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October 20, 2021