David Rowell

Associate Consultant
Fowlkes Consulting


They Too: LGBTQ+ Inclusion


Workshop Description:  

There has been a great deal of progress in the areas of gender equality and feminism. Movements such as #metoo and HeForShe, are changing conversations, changing culture, and changing laws. But there is no such shift occurring for the LGBTQ+ community. Awareness and progress are stagnant.

The questions are:
1) How can the lessons of one successful movement benefit, another?
2) How can one movement be broadened to be more inclusive of others?
3) How can we ensure advances for one group don’t come at a cost to another?
4) How can we scale down public movements to fit workplaces?

Movements are not mutually exclusive, nor do they live in a vacuum. This session will explore intersectionality and inclusionary concepts as they relate to movements and groups. The focus will be on redefinition and will include topics such as (trans)gender awareness and inclusive feminism.

Merging his international career experience advancing gender equality, and his expertise in LGBTQ+ issues Mr. Rowell’s session, ‘They Too’, will highlight means to advance awareness of the LGBTQ community without taking away from any other movements such as gender equality.


Fowlkes Associate David Rowell is an instructor, coach, consultant, speaker, and author, specializing in gender (cis, trans, non-binary)  issues and concerns, (working) relationships, empowerment, and safety.


David has had a distinguished career as an instructor of leadership, team-building, and diversity having taught classes for U.S. Federal agencies and with U.N. Organizations. David has worked with and taught, all levels of government for a multitude of federal agencies. He has had global audiences in teaching women’s leadership. Likewise, he has conducted professional coaching sessions to women the world over. While with the Federal Government, David also led national diversity programs. He was the Chair of a large federal agency National Diversity Council and a Special Emphasis Program Manager(LGBTQ+). David has led a Gender Focus Working Group within the U.S. Government.  He has worked with U.N. Organizations in promotion of ‘Gender Mainstreaming’ where among other things he contributed to international gender equality policy and action planning.


After leaving the federal government, Mr. Rowell founded Parity Consulting.  David continues his work as a consultant, instructor, and speaker for clients nationally and abroad. David’s efforts focus on all facets of gender and LGBTQ+ awareness and sensitivity, as well as women’s empowerment. Among his work David ‘s book – Value and Voice, Solutions to Organizational Gender Balance – defines balance in terms of contribution and influence parity and outlines how to achieve and leverage workplace gender balance. In all of his work David steadfastly supports and elevates the marginalized (women, LGBTQ+, …).


David is a strong advocate and champion of all who are undervalued. He passionately embraces Fowlkes Consulting principles of ensuring safety, confirming value, and enabling authenticity.






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